AITP Region 3 Programming Contest

I participated in AITP Programming competitions today and yesterday at the Region 3 Conference.  I was able to pump out close to 600 lines of Java in a little under 5 hours.  I am waiting till tomorrow to see what the results are in the mean time here are some copies of my code.  These were a timed exercise so bare in mind this incomplete code and should be debugged thoroughly.

Mobile Applications Contest

Applications Programming

UPDATE: I came in second place for the Mobile Applications Programming. I am so ecstatic!

Playstation Eye Toy 2 holder

This is a wall mount for the Playstation Eye Toy 2. I got a bunch of these cameras for $2 each when GameStop was having and accessory sale. There are drivers for operating system so that you can use it as a webcam or as a security camera. My design holds the base of the Eye Toy very snugly with a spot to place the cord. The mount also features 2 beveled screw holes so that the screws will mount flush. If you are interested int the mount it can be downloaded here:

If you are looking for the drivers to change it to a webcam the can be found here:

Windows 7/8


Ubuntu No driver necessary

Swanky 3D printed cuff links

I made these cuff links when I realized that a shirt I had recently bought required them.  I am not cheap but $20 or so for basic cuff links seems a bit much.  In the Abilene area it is difficult to find items like this anyway because it is a mostly blue collar area.  They are 100% 3D printable and the wing nut piece will screw onto the shaft of the cuff link.  You can download the .stl files, I have also included a the original .skp (sketchup file)  file so you can edit your initials onto it just like I did.  Anyway the files can be downloaded from here: